Change your subscription

Learn how to manage your subscription with Stripe.

Aspire Budgeting utilizes Stripe to process payments and manage subscriptions. Within the Aspire Budgeting Add-on, you can see helpful information about your subscription.

Aspire Budgeting Add-on
Aspire Budgeting Add-on

Updating your information

Over the course of time, you may need to update your credit card information or other details. You can make any necessary changes through Stripe's Customer Portal. A link for this portal can be found in the add-on on the Subscription page.

Cancelling your subscription

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you can do this in Stripe's Customer Portal. Cancellations are processed according to our Terms of Service.

Once your cancellation is processed, either immediately or at the end of your billing cycle, all of your account's access tokens are deactivated and all of your information is deleted from our database.

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