The best spreadsheet for budgeting

replace your budgeting apps

beautiful design

Thoughtfully made and carefully crafted to be an intuitive, enjoyable, and powerful budgeting application

zero-based budgeting

Follow the proven zero-based budgeting technique and create a budget that gives every dollar a job

currency support

Supports dozens of currency and date formats with the power of Google Sheets and the Aspire Budgeting Add-on


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See every category and every account at a glance to know where your dollars are and if you're on track for the month.

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Enter transactions as you make them and reconcile your account balances to ensure your budget is error free.

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Category Reports

See an in-depth analysis of every category in your budget and review budget dashboards from the past.

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Account Reports

View every account's balance and the factors that went into how and why your account balances changed.

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Net Worth Reports

Track your net worth to get a long-term picture of your financial health and view trends in your assets and debts.

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Trend Reports

See trends in your spending history to help plan your upcoming expenses and category amounts.

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Spending Reports

See category outflows and inflows over a selected period of time to measure the true amount spent from each category.

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See settled balances, pending balances, and your actual balance amounts per account and spot discrepancies in a flash.

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Category Transfers

Transfer funds between categories, plan your budgets, and see budgeted category amounts each month.

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Aspire is an envelope-style budgeting spreadsheet. Its primary goal is to give you the power and ability to be proactive with your finances - all in a delightfully designed Google Sheet. With Aspire, you can see an overview of your budget with just a glance, quickly add transactions as you make them, and run reports to get new insights on your spending.

"I built Aspire to help others with their finances and to be the best budgeting tool possible. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I've enjoyed creating it."

- Matt, creator of Aspire Budgeting

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