Transactions Tab

An overview of the Transactions tab

The Transactions tab will help you organize all of your inflows and outflows. It'll also remind you when you need to reconcile your accounts.

There are two types of transactions in Aspire. ✅ Settled and 🅿️ Pending. Sometimes transactions take a few days to settle, this is where the pending option can be really helpful by acting as a small indicator reminder to circle back and confirm the transaction settled for the correct amount.

Reconciliation [1]: Reconciling is an important part of budgeting. The process of reconciling is simple - if your account's balance matches the balance in Aspire, you're all set! If not, you'll want to track down the difference to make sure your budget is accurate. Once you've confirmed the account balances match, you can add a date and a *️⃣ Reconciliation Point. These points indicate where and when you last reconciled your account balances.

Category Picker [2]: The Category picker will let you see a few more details on the selected Category such as the Category's current balance and a graphical representation of recent activity. Selected categories also highlight in yellow in the table.

Transactions Table [3]: This is the table where you will add all of your transactions data. You can simply add a date, record the amount, select an Account and Category and that's it!

If you ever need to move funds between Accounts, you can select the ↕️ Account Transfer option in the Category dropdown. You'll need to create an Outflow Transaction to move money out of an account and an Inflow Transaction to move money into an account.

Aspire Budgeting Spreadsheet
Aspire Budgeting Spreadsheet

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