Aspire Budgeting Privacy Policy

Aspire Budgeting and its Developer understand that privacy is essential to the users of the Aspire Budget spreadsheet ("Users", "you"). This policy describes the steps taken to maintain your privacy when you visit the website (“Website”) and when you use the Aspire Budget spreadsheet and packaged Google Script code (“Service”). By using the Website and Service, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.
1. DATA COLLECTION AND USE User Analytics / Personal Data
  • The Website uses Google Analytics to capture anonymized usage information ("User Analytics"). This information is never shared, sold, rented, or otherwise provided to a third-party. To opt-out of having your User Analytics data captured, users can install the Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. This add-on prevents the Google Analytics JavaScript from sharing information with the Google Analytics service about your device activity.
  • For example, the Website collects information about your device and its software, such as your IP address, browser type, Internet service provider, platform type, device type, operating system, date and time stamp, a unique ID that allows us to uniquely identify your browser, mobile device, and other such information. This type of information is considered confidential and is only used for the purpose of operating, maintaining, and improving features of the Website and Service.
    • Example: These analytics showed that page load times were high in Australia. This was due to the fact that the images on the Website were not compressed. By compressing the images on the Website, page load times in Australia decreased from ~9 seconds to ~2 seconds.
  • The Service does not collect, maintain, or use personally identifiable information.
  • The Service only interacts with the Personal Data that you consent and approve.
  • All operations performed on Personal Data are carried out within and under the authority of your Google account.
  • Some of the Service’s Features require that Users give permission to access their Personal Data or act on their behalf.
  • The first time one of these Features is run, you will be prompted to authorize one or more permissions.
  • The permissions the Service uses are:
    • spreadsheets.currentonly
      • This permission is used for the “Localize Dates and Currency” and the “Change spreadsheet font to…” feature of the Service. In order to modify the format of data within the Aspire Budget spreadsheet, the Service needs access to the current spreadsheet.
    • spreadsheets
      • This permission is used for the “Migrate data from…” feature of the Service. In order for the Service to load data from a previous version of the Aspire Budget spreadsheet and migrate it to a new version, the getRange function of the Apps Script API is needed and this function provided by the API requires this permission.
  • Information and Personal Data are never shared, sold, rented, or otherwise provided to a third-party. The Personal Data added to the Service cannot be seen by the Developer.